VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Ways to present at CREATE


These showcase knowledge sharing through predominantly visual means and include Research Posters, Infographics, and TwitterPosters (yes, these are a thing and they are awesome).

10-minute presentations

These allow students to present their projects in 10 minutes.  Digital slides (think PowerPoint) are used to enhance the presentation.

10-minute performances

These allow students to showcase a 10-minute performance. These can include spoken word, song, music, dance, or drama.

3-minute SLAM

These allow students to present their projects in 3 minutes using very accessible language. Similar to the idea of an 'elevator pitch'. The point is to describe the What, Why, and How in a short, understandable way. 


New for 2021! This event will exhibit photos of research and creative activity captured by VIU students.


"Everyone should rant. Ranting not only makes you feel better but occasionally, as my mother proved to me many times, you might get results—justice, satisfaction or a fudge stick."

2 minutes. Make a point. Intelligently.


These are three minute short documentaries that capture some aspect of a project/paper/subject you learned about this last year here at VIU.

Anti-Racism Arts Festival

Co-sponsored by VIUFA Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee (HRISC) and CREATE. Two categories - Performance and Photography