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Poster Session

CREATE will have the following poster sessions:

  1. Traditional Print are your classic idea of a poster printed on paper and hung on a wall. Hosted in the main cafeteria. Posters will be grouped according to topic, theme or class. 
  2. TwitterPosters are a great way to share info in the Twitter space. Various hashtags will be available and there are lots of resources to help you make a #TwitterPoster. These will be virtual and asynchronous.
  3. Virtual interactive posters are similar to a printed poster, but are hosted online. Research Posters and Infographics are possible. Virtual interactive posters have various interactive components that may include video and audio segments. These will be virtual and asynchronous.

All poster types can be either a Research Poster or an Infographic Poster.

Poster Printing Grants

Deadline to submit your poster file is March 17 to guarantee free poster printing! Please ensure the following:

  • Send file to
  • File must be a pdf
  • Poster must be sized to either 36" x 48" or 48" x 36"
  • Include the VIU logo
  • Include your name
  • Reference/photo credits must be included (or have a QR code to link to them)

Dates and Times

Sessions will run April 3 - 5, 9 am - 5:30 pm

  • You will put your poster up in the morning and leave it up all day. You will have a specific time slot when you have to be at your poster.
  • Students will receive their session time in March

Poster Printing Grants

If you want to have your poster printed for free, email a pdf poster file to by March 17.

  • Make sure your name, and VIU logo are on the poster
  • Make sure it is the correct size 36" x 48" inches or 48" x 36" inches


To have your poster shared on VIUSpace, you need to complete the VIUSpace Submission Accession Record. After it is filled out, just email it to

Cowichan Campus will host an Poster Exhibit on Thursday, April 7. All items on this web page apply to this session, except it will be at the Cowichan Campus from 11 am till 2 pm. It will be a printed poster session open to research posters and infographics. If you have specific questions about this session, please contact

  • Twitter posters are submitted via the student's Twitter account and must include at least the #TwitterPosterVIUCREATE2023 hashtag; may also include others like #VIU, #TwitterPoster, #VIUTwitterPoster. And you can tag @Research_VIU too!
  • If you do not have a Twitter account, please send completed Twitter Poster to by April 1.
  • Twitter posters need to be posted by April 4 @ 9am and remain posted until Friday April 8 at 4 pm
  • Both Research Poster and Infographic style posters may be submitted 
  • Students should monitor comments on Twitter for any questions and respond accordingly throughout the week
  • Make sure to include the VIU logo on your #TwitterPoster
  • Here's an example of an applied project Twitter Poster
  • Best Research Poster - $250
  • Best Infographic - $250
  • Best TwitterPoster - $250
  • Best of Cowichan - $250
  • People's Choice Best Printed Poster - $50 (1 each for Monday to Thursday and Cowichan)

There are also a number of other awards you may be considered for


(also check out the Video links at the bottom of this page)

What is a Research Poster?


Link to VIU logo: For CREATE you can use any of the four listed under CYMK logos. If you are taking your poster to a non-VIU event, use one of the 'full-name' logos.

Using images: The following is from our wonderful copyright folks at the library. For even more good info check out VIU's Student Guide. This Image Source Guide has links to sources for images that are licensed for reuse. For example, Unsplash and Pixabay have very permissive reuse licenses. Note that the Pixabay search also retrieves some Shutterstock images that are not free.


VIU TwitterPoster Template


Format a poster in PowerPoint

A Better Research Poster

Intro to Infographics

Create a quick TwitterPoster