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Poster Formatting Tips

The following pertains specifically if you are wanting to receive Poster Printing Funding. If you are getting your poster printed yourself, please connect with the business you are going to use to ensure you have the correct size and format.

Print Size

35.5 x 48 inches (portrait or landscape) will be printed. If you are using a formatted design that is 36 x 48 inches please make sure that important info is not at the edges or it may be cut off.

File Formats

Only Adobe PDF files will be accepted for printing. Due to the variable way in which Microsoft PowerPoint handles fonts, colour profiles and images, PowerPoint printouts are often inconsistent with the original screen version. Therefore PowerPoint documents must be converted to Adobe PDF prior to submission for printing.

Important note for PowerPoint users

Ensure that document dimensions have been properly set before forwarding your work for printing. This is especially critical for PowerPoint documents, which require the page dimensions to be set before beginning your layout. Documents must be converted to Adobe PDF from PowerPoint or other applications and must have proper page sizes specified prior to conversion. For most applications, document size is defined in the ‘Page Set-up’ dialog box.

MUST include VIU logo

See here for how to do this :

Submitting Work

Ensure that the document version you submit for printing has been carefully proof read. This is your responsibility. Due to time requirements, we are unable to print revised copies. Please send you pdf file to Kendra Stiwich by no later than (Date TBD). Submitting by this deadline does not guarantee free printing. The first (# TBD) students to submit a properly formatted poster by this deadline will receive the poster printing funding. You will receive an email to acknowledge that we received your poster file. This will be emailed to you within 36 hours of receiving your file.
Please use the following file naming guide:
for example: STIWICHK_CREATE2019

Receiving Funding

In March an email will be sent to all students who submitted a poster file. It will contain a list of the students who will receive the funding. For the 109 projects that received funding, the Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity office will oversee the printing and payment of your poster. If your name is not on the list, then you will have to print and pay for your own poster. Poster printing can be done at the following locations in Nanaimo: Print Three, ARC, VIU, KKP, Staples and In Print. Call around to get the best price and submission requirements.