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2018 Award Winners

2018 Award Winners


People’s Choice Best Poster

Grand prize: Rosie Lee, Tessa Bailey, Kanon Gardner, Katie Cote, Madeline Campagne - Health and Human Services: Nutrition at Khowhemun

Wednesday - People's Choice Place Winners
  1. Hussein Sayed - Management: FIFA World Cup

  2. Liza Switzman, Taffi Ndlovu, Theresa Zhang, Anneke Contant - Management: Reasoning Behind Millennial Travel Destinations

Wednesday - People's Choice Honourable Mentions
  • Aaron Doan - Science and Technology: A Geochemical & Petrological Comparison of Igneous Rocks from the Beaulieu River Volcanic Belt, NT (NTS 16/85I)

  • Henry Zhang - Science and Technology: Cranberry Concentrate's Effects on the Lengevity of Drosophila Melanogaster

  • Jaime Smythe - Education: Cultivating Connections
  • Jonathan Funk, Sean Kronlund, Eric Roberts - Science and Technology: MESUP: Multi Environment Solution for User Projects
  • Yaoqi Wang - Management: Report on: How do Influencers use Social Media to Promote a Tourist Destination?

Thursday - People's Choice Place Winners
  1. JP Deland, Simon Roy, Jeremy Strom - Science and Technology: Climate Change and the BEC Zones - A Study of Climate Change Effects on the CDFmm and CWHxm BEC Subzones

  2. Jalawi Alyami - Academic and Career Preparation: Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Thursday - People's Choice Honourable Mentions
  • Colin Tearoe, Maggie Duck, Emily Walker - Management: High-Risk Extreme Adventure Tourism

  • Courtney Booth, Midori Warrier, Valerie Leuschen, Jenna Cowan, Sally Lee, Krystyna Hrytsenko, Corinna Omae, Natasha Beaulac, Emily Nobert - Health and Human Services: Global Engagement

  • Danielle Holmes - Arts and Humanities: Why we Came and Why we Stayed: One Family's Tale of Immigration from Holland to Canada
  • Kayla Hickey, Brett Lavigne, Hayden Bennett, Cameron Rossetto, Cassidy Funk, Sydney Rhoades - Science and Technology: Petrological Variation or Metamorphic Rocks at Open Bay, Quadra Island
  • Priya Bhatti, Liz Vanier, Danae Co - Health and Human Services: Health Literacy


People’s Choice Best Display (tie)
  • Amelia Hilton - Arts and Humanities: WanderLost: Digital Game and Audio Design

  • Felicia Fischer - Arts and Humanities: UX Design: Apps Made with you in Mind

  • Jonathan Funk, Sean Kronlund, Eric Roberts - Science and Technology: MESUP: Multi Environment Solution for User Projects
  • Kendra Stiwich, Shiyana Hunter - Social Sciences: Felting and Painting our Places Together: The OurSchoolOurStories Project's Art
  • Maria Noel, Anton Lyashuk-Shmygov, Khushdeep Brar, Victoria Owode-Oyelaja - Management: Esturgeon Royale Poster
  • Nolan Duke, Alasdair Robertson, Gabriel Vill - Arts and Humanities: I am not a Hipster


Meritorious Best Performance
  1. Amber Morrison - Arts and Humanities: A Study of the Melancholy Moon Jelly

  2. Eric Sanchez - Social Sciences: Being Caribbean

Honourable Mention:
  • Evelina Lamu - Arts and HumanitiesThe Invisible Experience


Meritorious Best Presentation
  1. Theresa Yuha - Arts and Humanities: Silver Opportunity: Asset Mapping of the Low-cost Exercise for Older Adults in Nanaimo

  2. Courtney Vaugeois, Deepa Pillay, Shomik Chakrabarty, Matt Landry - Social Science: Raising Reassurance: Exploring how Nanaimo's Newcomers Find Support

Honourable Mentions:
  • Skye Skagfield - ManagementEconomic Sustainability of Practicing Australian Artists

  • Trevor Dickinson - Social Science: The Impacts of Avalanche Activity and Snowpack Creep on Vancouver Island Marmot Habitat in a Changing Climate
  • Victoria Bowns, Vanessa Stratton, Christine Jenkins, Julian Telfer-Wan, Nancy Njigha - Social Sciences: Addressing the Growing Issue of Plastic Marine Debris within the Central East Coastline of Vancouver Island
  • Charlotte White, Amanda Inglis - Social Sciences: Staying Safe: Investigating Women's Safety Concerns in Nanaimo Shelters

Scholarship Slam

  1. Chrissy Schellenberg - Science and Technology:Effects of Ancient First Nations Clam Garden Walls on the Abundances and Diversity of Fish and Motile Invertebrates
  2. Tie
  • Jaimie Smythe - Education: Cultivating Connections
  • Theresa Yuha - Arts and Humanities:Silver Opportunity: Asset Mapping of Low-cost Exercise for Older Adults in Nanaimo
Honourable Mentions:
  • Myles Dickinson, Roxanne Croxall, Kevin Ostapowich, Tim Wickman, Cameron Rossetto - Science and TechnologyA Geochemical Comparison of Basalts of Ainsley Beach, Nanoose Bay, BC to a Back-arc Basin

  • Aaron Smith - Management: How Skilled Workers Affect Restaurants: Changes in Recruitment and Retention of Workforces
  • Kendra Stiwich - Social Sciences: Homage to the Independent Variable - What I Really Learned Doing my Social Science Research