VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity


CREATE in the Classroom

Submitted by Lyn Locke on October 17, 2022 - 3:00pm

Workshop to help incorporate CREATE into the curriculum via communication skills and various assessment artifacts; for all in the classroom – no matter the level or discipline. Having your students participate in CREATE can be a relatively gentle introduction to acquiring the public communication skills necessary for furthering their professional and academic pursuits. Let’s see how you and your students can participate in CREATE 2023. 

International Research Workshop

Submitted by Lyn Locke on August 17, 2022 - 2:18pm

Are you interested in pursuing SRCA in international contexts or with international partners? This workshop is being co-hosted by SRCA and the Department of International Education as part of World VIU Days. Come and learn about the different types of international SRCA activities and be inspired by some experienced colleagues who will share their promising practices. Participants will also learn about the services and support available to them if they decide to pursue these types of activities.

GROW: Graduate Research Opportunities at Work

Submitted by Lyn Locke on August 17, 2022 - 2:16pm

VIU employs many employees who are also engaged in graduate research and study while working. Graduate work can be isolating and stressful, especially when also working full-time, and even more so for VIU graduate scholars who may have no sense of connection to their graduate program cohort, which is probably at a different university.  The GROW Network aims to support VIU employees to be successful in their graduate pursuits by building a community of practice that shares resources, tools and strategies and that organizes professional development and training opportunities.

Gaining an EDGE: VIU’s professional development program to develop competencies in SRCA

Submitted by Lyn Locke on August 11, 2022 - 3:43pm

No matter where you are at in your SRCA journey, there is always an opportunity to learn and refine your knowledge and skills. Join this session to learn about the new EDGE program which has been created to provide employees with growth opportunities to enhance their confidence and competence when engaging in SRCA.


Engaging Students in Your SRCA

Submitted by Lyn Locke on August 11, 2022 - 3:26pm

Engaging students in research and creative activity is an important priority for VIU. Come and learn about the range of support mechanisms available at VIU to allow you to encourage and reap the benefits of student involvement in your research.

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Location: B305 - R440 – Research Lounge

A recording will be available online.

Internal funding opportunities

Submitted by Lyn Locke on August 11, 2022 - 3:24pm

VIU has a range of internal funding opportunities to help support you in your SRCA projects. Come and learn from the Research Grant Facilitators about these funding opportunities.

Date: September 13, 2022

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 am

Location:B305 - R440 - Research Lounge

Podcasting Basics with Ravindra Mohabeer

Submitted by Roisin Mulligan on November 1, 2021 - 2:24pm

You have either heard of podcasting or you have a favourite podcast and you’ve thought, "I should do that!” But where do you start? How does it work? What skills do you need? 

This remote workshop is designed for anyone who wants to understand the basics of podcasting. It isn't specific to ‘professional’ or ‘personal’ projects so everyone is welcome. (*Future in-person or one-to-one workshops may be available for more advanced users with a foundation set of skills and/or a research/creation project ready to go. If that’s you, please feel free to inquire)

Mitacs Research Partnership Funding Opportunities

Submitted by Roisin Mulligan on November 1, 2021 - 12:14pm

Mike Kennefick, a Business Development Specialist working with VIU to create research projects for students between academia and industry will provide details about research partnerships opportunities. In particular, Mike will discuss the Accelerate, Elevate, Business Strategy Internship and Globalink Research Award programs. This will be followed by an open discussion for participants about Mitacs and its offerings, as well as eligibility criteria for these programs.