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What is a poster session?

Poster sessions are typical for most academic conferences. They allow space for numerous projects to be displayed at once. If you participate in the poster session you will be required to design a poster that details your project. A good poster requires you to be succinct and creative!

The poster sessions for CREATE 2020 will be held in the upper cafeteria (building 300) over three days. These sessions will host up to 70 different student projects per day.  Each project will have a space to hang a 3" x 4" poster detailing their work and will be allocated a 2 hour slot for questions and comments from judges, VIU personnel, students, as well as the general public. However, students are encouraged to be with their poster for as much time during the day as possible.

There is lots of information on the poster page, make sure to check it all out!

 Connect with Kendra Stiwich if you have any further questions.