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We are open for business!

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The Centre for Seafood Innovation (CSI) operates with a lean and keen core team who partners with industry experts, researchers, and others to deliver on its mandate. The Centre  harnesses existing and emerging expertise, infrastructure, and programs to facilitate the development of research, public relations, and commercialization activities that address current and future industry needs.

Below are current and future services offered by CSI. 

As we gear up CSI will add services to support innovation in the sector.
We will also implement cost recovery measures to ensure ongoing viability.

Please introduce yourself and let us know your innovation needs by completing this short survey.

Applied Research

Chef Ambassador


Packaging Research and Development

Market Insight and Public Relations

Food Safety Testing

Mentoring and Coaching Services

Regulatory Coordination and Consulting

 Recipe and Product Development

Training, Education, and Certification

Current Services

Future Services

Applied Research

Provide research capacity to the seafood sector with a focus on applied problem solving, innovation, new technology and process development, genetics, immunology, and other areas as needed. 

Recipe and Product Development

Facilitate the development of new recipes and value-added seafood products to stimulate sales and new market development.

Market Insight and Public Relations

Offer consultancy services and market intelligence to inform and launch new products into the marketplace.

Mentoring and Coaching Services

Through its extensive network, the Centre will provide access to industry and academic mentors and subject matter experts to help entrepreneurs develop professionally in their journey toward commercialization of their products and ideas.

Chef Ambassador (future)

Offer credibility and engagement through a Chef Ambassador to excite, inspire and educate consumers and industry will amplify the Centre’s ability to deliver on its mandate. 

Packaging Research and Development (future)

Contribute to the development of environmentally responsible, affordable and functional packaging and shipping materials.

Food Safety Testing (future)

Partner with Food Metric Laboratories to provide a food safety testing lab services.

Regulatory Coordination and Consulting (future)

Help clients navigate the regulatory system and intends to contribute to simplifying and strengthening the regulatory framework to facilitate industry development.

Training, Education, and Certification (future)

Develop and offer a wide range of educational offerings to support entrepreneurs and established seafood companies.