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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are formalized procedures that have been approved by the Animal Care Committee. The SOPs are reviewed by the Animal Care Committee on a regular basis and updated when appropriate. Procedures are written as SOPs either because they are frequently used procedures or because they are procedures that very important for ethical treatment of animals (e.g. proper euthanasia procedures). SOP's ensure consistency among projects in how the procedure is performed. Approved SOP's can be referred to within Animal User Protocol applications, thereby reducing the need to describe in detail procedures that are already recognized to be in accordance with Canadian Council on Animal Care guidelines.

Individuals are encouraged to contact the Animal Care Committee if they are considering writing an SOP to ensure the SOP is not already under development.

Below is a list of SOPs approved by the VIU Animal Care Committee. For a copy of any of these, please e-mail

SOP Number SOP Title
ACC-001 Fish Euthanasia (Formerly SOP FA-001)
ACC-002 Fish Anaesthesia (Formerly SOP FA-002)
ACC-003 Emergency Procedures - Power Failure in Fish Hatcheries (Formerly SOP FA-003)
ACC-004 Bio-security and Bio-containment at Fish Hatchery Sites - Introduction (Formerly SOP FA-004)
ACC-005 Bio-security at Fish Hatchery Site - Equipment Disinfection & Hand Hygiene Practices (Formerly SOP FA-005)
ACC-006 Fish Health - Experimental Tank and Equipment Isolation (Formerly SOP FA-006)
ACC-007 Fish Health - Diagnostics and Veterinary Consultation (Formerly SOP FA-007)
ACC-008 Dechlorination of Supply Water to VIU Hatchery Facilities (Formerly SOP FA-008)
FA-009 Filter Cleaning - Sturgeon Brood Tank (currently being revised)
ACC-010 Monitoring Stress and Injury in Birds During Bird Banding
ACC-010.1 VIU Bird Monitoring and Banding Manual 2012
ACC-011 Euthanasia of Birds During Bird Banding Activities
ACC-012 Fish Facilities Description
ACC-013 Fish Disposal
ACC-015 Fish Husbandry - Fish Tank Population Maintenance, Feeding, and Record Keeping
ACC-016 Fish Husbandry - Water Quality Monitoring
ACC-017 Emergency Procedures - Water Supply Failure at Chase River Hatchery
ACC-018 Emergency Procedures - Water Supply Failure at Main Campus
ACC-020 ICSS Sturgeon Anesthesia
ACC-021 ICSS Equipment Disinfection
ACC-022 ICSS Sturgeon Egg Treatments
ACC-023 ICSS Sturgeon Mortality Collection and Disposal Larvae Considerations
ACC-024 ICSS Mortality Collection and Disposal
ACC-025 ICSS Sturgeon Disease Outbreaks
ACC-026 ICSS Predator Control
ACC-027 ICSS Daily Maintenance of Room 101
ACC-028 ICSS Daily Maintenance of Room 106
ACC-029 ICSS Daily Maintenance of Room 107
ACC-030 ICSS Standard Operating Procedure for Daily Maintenance of Re-circulating System Room 110
ACC-031 ICSS Sturgeon Euthanasia
ACC-032 ICSS Sturgeon Mortality Classification
ACC-033 ICSS Staff Disinfection and Biosecurity
ACC-034 ICSS Sturgeon Egg and Milt Collection

Contact Animal Care Officer, at to review a Standard Operating Procedures.

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