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How to Participate

More info on the Short Film Fest will be added as it becomes available. In the meantime, this should get you going!

  • Short Film Fest will be held on Monday, April 8 face-to-face, in the Malaspina Theatre on VIU's Nanaimo campus
  • Students will provide their Short in advance (exact date to be determined)
  • CREATE does not require you to use any particular video software
  • Check out this VIU resource page featuring Tools for Creating Video
  • The Short Film Fest will be open to the public
  • Shorts are expected to be between 3-5 minutes in length
  • Backgrounds/setting/props etc. are up to you
  • The point of the Short is to be Fun and Informative
  • Language must be for a general audience - but keep it clean!
  • Make sure not to speak too quickly - we want folks to understand you

The Short award will be meritorious, determined by a panel of judges, and awarded based on the highest average score.

  • Best Short - $250 (if more than 10 entries) $100 (if <10 entries)

There are also a number of other awards you may be considered for

Here are a few examples! Now, these were done as collaborations between students taking a class on video work (DIGI 281) and other students doing cool things. These are pretty high end. Don't let that freak you out. The point of CREATE is to share all our learning. Be brave. You can do it!