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Please check the CREATE website for detailed event descriptions BEFORE you fill out your registration form.

If you are a group, complete one form. The student who fills it out is the main group contact. They are responsible for sharing info with their group.

One project = one form. Two projects = two forms. You enter as many events as you like per form.

No project limit.

If you need any type of accommodation, please email

Information collected in this form may be used for the following: CREATE 2022 organization, scheduling, and reporting (internal and external); and contacting students, faculty, partners about CREATE 2022 and other related SRCA initiatives (e.g. training sessions or Research Month activities). 

Contact Information
This person will be considered the primary contact person. It is their responsibility to communicate conference information to other team members if applicable.
If this is not for a course, please enter NA
This is the VIU employee who assisted, mentored, or supervised the project
The Keep it Simple Science Challenge challenges students to translate their scientific knowledge into everyday, general language. Students may enter this Challenge via any CREATE 2022 event.
Some of our prizes include a t-shirt or a hoodie!

VIU recognizes that different students have overcome various challenges to arrive at post-secondary education. In order to recognize and celebrate the diverse range of students at VIU, we will have a suite of equity, diversity, and inclusion awards. Awards may be given to projects that cover EDI topics or to people that self-identify as belonging to particular communities or groups. Individuals do not have to respond to the questions in this section. It is totally by choice. If you have group members, please let them know about the possible awards in these categories and they may connect with if they would like to declare particular identities. Please be aware that your information will be kept private, if you are chosen as a recipient of a particular award, you will have the choice to have your name publicly shared in affiliation with the award.

*Can be visible and/or invisible.
*meaning neither parent holds at least a bachelor's degree
Group Members

If you are part of a group, please list group members below and include their primary email contact. You do NOT include yourself. Group members are other students. Faculty/mentor information is captured elsewhere. If there are more than 5 members in your group, please email the additional members' information to

Some of our prizes include a t-shirt or a hoodie!
Some of our prizes include a t-shirt or a hoodie!
Some of our prizes include a t-shirt or a hoodie!
Some of our prizes include a t-shirt or a hoodie!
Project Details
(50 words maximum) Provide a couple of lines that describes your project.
VIU recognizes seven research strengths and focus areas. Pick the option you feel your project best fits under. Here's the link for more info on each of the themes.
High Impact Practices (HIPs) are activities that you engage in at university that are correlated to student success. CREATE showcases these practices and has awards for each category. Check out HIP descriptions to help you identify if your project falls under any of the categories. If appropriate, you may choose more than one category.

CREATE 2022 is considered 'hybrid' with both virtual and face to face events. Exact guidelines will be shared with the community closer to April. Virtual events will either happen in real-time, where students will present their pre-recorded projects to a live audience, or they will be asynchronous, meaning you will submit your project ahead of the conference and we will upload it to the event forum. Choose the activities you would like to participate in (you can choose more than one). Times and spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please check out the CREATE website to find detailed event descriptions BEFORE registering.

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. CREATE events will run from Monday, April 4 to Thursday, April 7. Mornings are 9am-12pm Afternoons are 12pm-4pm Evenings are 4pm-7pm

Waiver and Release: By submitting this submission form and participating in the CREATE Conference I grant Vancouver Island University copyright and/or use of my photographic images and/or video and/or testimonials in various forms of media, including printed or multi-media materials, to be used for Vancouver Island University to assist in publicity, promotion, university advancement, marketing and/or educational purposes; and the permission to identify me by name, program and such identifiers as class year, graduation date and hometown (if applicable). I hereby realize and accept that I am participating on a voluntary basis and will not receive financial compensation from the photographer/videographer/interviewer, from VIU or any firm publishing and/or distributing the finished product. 

If you do not wish grant this permission, notify the Student Research Engagement Coordinator via email at