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Artistic Performance Details

What are Artistic Performances?

There is really no limit to what this category could hold: it is for those who look outside the box and push the limits in terms of creativity, language, and communication. Past examples include: poetry and science fiction presented with artistry; personal reflective pieces on culture and place; short films highlighting public and personal interest; rap-style observations on environmental calamity. Those in attendance are blown away by the creativity and scholarship delivered by VIU students. They set the bar high!

For CREATE 2020, the Artistic Performances will be held in Building 300 (the upper cafeteria) in the Royal Arbutus Room. Students will get 10 minutes for their performance and 5 minutes after for questions and comments from the audience.

A few more details...

  • Performances will be 10 minutes, and a small stage area will be set up
  • There will be a 5 minute question/comment period after the performance
  • Props, audiovisuals, slide shows are all allowed, but must be approved by Kendra