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Animal User Training

In addition to species and project specific hands-on training provided by skilled professionals, all Principal Investigators and personnel listed on animal user protocols are required to complete four (4) short core training modules provided through the VIU Animal User Training course.

To register for this online course through VIULearn please login using your VIU login credentials. Select “Open Learning” from the top menu to access the course.  

These modules provide the theoretical background and principals that underlay the CCAC approach to animal care and use for research in Canada.  Each module consists of some background reading and a quiz. A record of completion of these modules is kept on file with the Animal Care Committee. Animal users who have completed UPEI's "The Experimental Fish" do not need to complete the VIU Animal User core module training because the material is covered and tested within that course.

Animal User Training for Students

Students engaged in independent research and students working as paid employees (e.g. work-op students) caring for vertebrate animals are expected to complete the 4 core training modules. Students using animals for other educational purposes under the supervision of personnel on approved protocol are exempt for the core module training requirement.

Additional Training Available

In addition to the training core modules above, animal users are expected to have read the Canadian Council on Animal Care guidelines relevant to their projects.

Animal Users are also encouraged to take advantage of other learning material that may be relevant to their project.

CLOSE X Animal Care Committee