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VIU and Animal Care

Vancouver Island University is committed to the ethical and humane treatment of animals.  As part of this commitment, the VIU Animal Care Committee (ACC) oversees and ensures that all activities involving vertebrates are conducted in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Canadian Council of Animal Care (CCAC). The CCAC conducts site assessments at VIU every three years to evaluate and assist with the improvement of the animal care facilities and the policies of the VIU Animal Care Committee. VIU has held a CCAC “Certificate of Good Animal Practices” since 2002. 

The Mandate of the VIU Animal Care Committee is to:

  • Promote and ensure the ethical treatment of animals used in teaching and research at VIU; and 
  • Implement the institutional policy and procedures on Animal Care.

The purpose of this website is to assist faculty, researchers, and others in learning about the humane care and use of animals in teaching and research at VIU, and to provide resources and support to those submitting an Animal Use Protocol (AUP) application to the VIU Animal Care Committee.

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