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Student Research Training Opportunities 

Come out and Feed your Mind!

These training sessions will be offered in a live virtual platform and will cover a variety of topics. Please note Zoom ID and password in the description. They are designed to help you succeed as a scholar, a student, and a researcher. Make sure to check them out!

These sessions are available to ALL students at VIU



Rock your oral presentation!

February 17 @ 10am

This session will cover short presentation styles such as Slams as well as longer 10-minute+ opportunities. You will learn how to best format your PowerPoint slide(s); good habits for the speaking part; proper Zoom etiquette; and how to pre-record your presentation using Zoom. 

Zoom info:
Password: CREATE2021
Meeting ID: 646 6660 9689

Nail that poster presentation!

February 18 @ 10am

This session will cover both research posters and infographics. You will learn how to format your poster using PowerPoint; good habits for describing your poster orally; proper Zoom etiquette; and some tips for navigating the differences between virtual and face-to-face presentations.

Zoom info:
Password: CREATE2021
Meeting ID: 697 2470 1915

Ace your online async presentation!

February 19 @ 10am

This session will specifically cover TwitterPosters, wordclouds, and online magazine production. You will learn what these options are good for; how to format them; proper online etiquette; and some creative tips for asynchronous knowledge sharing.

Zoom info:
Password: CREATE2021
Meeting ID: 642 0095 9466