VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

VIU Research Ethics Board Members

Name, Department Phone Number E-mail

Marina La Salle,

REB Chair 

Professor, Department of Anthropology

Ext. 2250


Chris Turner

Research Ethics Officer

Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office


FAX: 250 740-6256

Julia Hengstler

Educational Technologist, Faculty of Education

Rachel Moll

Professor, Faculty of Education

Alex Netherton

Professor and Chair, Political Studies

Laura Shanner

Instructor, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Pam Shaw

Professor and Director, Master of Community Planning Program

Wendy Simms

Professor, Education

Jeanette Schmid

Professor, Social Work   

Leigh McCarley Blaney

Professor, Nursing

Sean Toal 

Professor, Education 

Farhad  Moghimehfar

Professor, Tourism and Recreation  

Garrett Stone

Professor, Tourism and Recreation

Nicole Cederberg

Community Member

Donna States

Student Member

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