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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIU REB?

The VIU VIU Research Ethics Board is a committee comprised of members of the VIU community who are dedicated to ensuring ethical compliance of all research involving human participants conducted under the aegis of VIU. The REB is also dedicated to educating the VIU community on research ethics, as well as institutional policy and procedures.

How long will it take for an application to be reviewed?

Applicants generally receive an initial decision from the REB within three weeks of submitting a complete REB application. Failure to submit an application by the deadline for the next Full Board meeting may result in delays.    

What is the difference between a full board review and a delegated review?

Delegated reviews are completed by a sub-committee of the REB, and thus do not require the application to be reviewed at a monthly REB meeting. All applications are evaluated for potential risk and vulnerability to participants. Applications that indicate higher risk and vulnerability to participants are reviewed by the full board.   

What is the TCPS CORE Tutorial and who is required to take it?

The online TCPS CORE Tutorial was developed to educate researchers about ethical concerns in research involving human participants. All student researchers are required to take the TCPS CORE Tutorial prior to submitting their ethics application. A certificate of completion for each student researcher is to be submitted with the application to the REB.

What do I do if my research project involves multiple institutions?

Research often involves multiple institutions that have their own ethical review processes. Research involving personnel associated with another university, or associated with a First Nation, or involving an elementary or high school, are often subject to the jurisdiction of multiple ethical review processes. In such instances, researchers are required to attain the approval of all such institutions.

How long must research data be kept before it is destroyed and how must it be destroyed?

Research data, particularly where it includes personal information, must be stored and destroyed carefully. How long data should be stored and how it must be destroyed depends on the data and its format. Refer to the Data Retention and Destruction Guidelines for more information.