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UR Exchange 2020

Participate November 12 in #URExchange

What is this exactly??

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR; VIU is a member) is hosting a ‘Twitter Takeover’ on November 12 from 9am-2pm. It’s a way to share undergraduate research (UR) and be involved in empowering UR. Plus learn a great new poster technique all in one go. 

Research does not need to be complete - you can share whatever stage of the research process you find yourself in! Or the impact of COVID on your research. Or send out a thank you to your mentors/faculty/institution. There's LOTS of options.

Have questions? Need some more help? Connect with

What about the hoodie I can win?

All VIU entries will be entered into a draw for 1 of 2 prize packs. More prizes will be added if we have lots of participation! Make sure to include  #VIUTwitterPoster, #URExchange, #URExchangeTrueNorth to be included in the draw!

Why do this? Besides the hoodie draw...

  1. VIU is a huge fan of supporting anything that brings positive attention to UR  
  2. New virtual poster making skill – VERY useful in this day and age
  3. CREATE 20|21 will have a TwitterPoster session – whoop whoop, two birds one stone
  4. Prizes! Two draws for all the posters tagged with both #VIUTwitterPoster & #URExchange on November 12, 2020
  5. This is a public forum orchestrated by the largest UR organization in the world – undergrad CV worthy!

And Kendra sort of challenged all other universities in Canada...

<Insert sheepish smiley emoji here>

What? CUR was started in the States, but has grown globally - just want our awesome Canadian UR content out there too! Let's go VIU - time to represent!


How to participate!

  1. URExchange Guidebook on how to participate
  2. Tweet something about your project on November 12 from 9am-2pm. Could be your research questions. Could be why you love research. Could be what you hope to create. Could be a shout out of thanks to your supervisor!
  3. You could also make a #TwitterPoster based on this great template(there’s a video) - Catch – most PowerPoints wont export a gif, no worries, Kendra has a fix
    1. Kendra also made a VIU template if you are interested!
  4. Upload your awesome #TwitterPoster to Twitter on November 12 and make sure to include the tags #URExchange, #VIUTwitterPoster, and #URExchangeTRUENORTH

    Then check out other posters and Tweets – make comments, learn, be inspired – and yes maybe win a kick butt VIU prize pack!