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Baccalaureate students who have engaged in undergraduate research and creative experiences bring “skills in demand” with them to their first job and are better prepared to apply them successfully.

87 percent of employers stated they were more likely to hire graduates who completed research based projects.

Cited here:

The Student Research Team is a group of students working to improve their research skills with various on-campus research projects, workshops and events.

There are 3 levels: Apprentice - Practitioner - Mentor

Each position is tracked on your Co-Curricular Record, so it is easy to use it on your resume or CV to land that great job, get into grad school or boost your award/scholarship potential.

Great short video on sorting out your CCR!

CCR Student's Guide

Where to find the positions

Once in the CCR system, go to Opportunity Directory. Then go over to SEARCH BY DEPARTMENT and choose Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity. The Student Research Team will be there!

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