VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity


Listed below are the priorities that will be considered in order of relative importance for resumption of research activities on campus or in the field:

  1. Research related directly to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Research for which data would be unduly difficult to replace or reproduce if the research activity is not able to be resumed as soon as can be allowed. This includes time-sensitive research continuity activities that cannot be paused for ongoing extended periods due to the potential of losing or disrupting sample protocols, data sequences, disruption of ongoing longitudinal studies, etc.
  3. Research that is directly related to a student’s program of study for which delay or disruption will cause high probability of incompletion or personal hardship. Disruptions to research have had significant effects on many full-time research-based graduate students in particular, so research activities that serve to mitigate these effects and help ensure timely program completion will be high priority. Undergraduate research training is a priority at VIU, so focus will be retained on research activities that directly involve undergraduate students.
  4. Research and fieldwork that can be undertaken in isolation and/or requiring a minimum of interaction with other individuals.
  5. Research undertaken by disproportionally affected researchers in accordance with EDI principles. Recognition and support should be directed to other disproportionally affected researchers in accordance with equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles. Women, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and people of colour have greater burdens of care and less access to resources during this time – our researchers experiencing this will have had their research ability impacted.
  6. Research undertaken by faculty whose primary role is research (i.e. Research and innovation chairs).
  7. Research activity that cannot be adapted or carried out remotely, which involves external partners or funding bodies that have not indicated flexibility under the COVID-19 restricted circumstances, and which have end-dates within 12 months of the request being made.