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VIU lunch and learn series

Mobilizing knowledge through the lunch and learn series

Are you looking for an opportunity to share what you are excited about, test-run a presentation or gain experience presenting your thesis? The ever popular ‘Bring Lunch & Learn’ series provides presenters and attendees with opportunities to share, learn, and discuss insights and ideas in a supportive environment. If you are interested in being a presenter, contact or local 2984.


The 'Bring Lunch & Learn' Roster for Winter / Spring 2020 includes:

  • Tues Jan. 28th with Courtney Vaugeois: VIU and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Tues Feb. 4th panel led by Darrell Harvey: Global Engagement International Work Opportunity Grant: "Stories from the Field" with Robin Davies, Jennifer Mitchell, Dean Cadieux & Michael Govoroy

  • Tues Feb. 18th with Rachel Moll: Education for Sustainable Development and Indigenous Education: An International Research Network

  • Tues March 17th with Pam Shaw and Graham Sakaki: The Canadian Mountain Network Project: Human Nature Connections in Canada's Biosphere Reserve Mountain Environment 

  • Tues March 24th with Shannon Dames: Developing the Roots to Thrive: Core Factors That Mitigate Stress and Maximize Thriving

  • Tues March 3st with Alan Gilchrist: What's the Water Budget for Vancouver Island?

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