Grade 8-12 Students

Grade 8-12 Students and Classes

Although there are a variety of education programs at Deep Bay Marine Field Station that are wonderful for grades 8-12 (guided tours, shellfish biology, and killer whale commotion).  We truly wanted to create some special programs for our secondary and soon-to-be secondary school students. Enter the Field School at Deep Bay Marine Field Station!

The Field School

The Field School turns your students into citizen scientists as we explore and collect data for real long-term monitoring programs on Baynes Sound. We are currently launching three programs as part of the Field School:

Sea Star Wasting Disease Monitoring: Sea star wasting disease is decimating sea star populations all along the Pacific coastline from Mexico to Alaska.  Your students will be helping monitor sea star wasting disease by completing an intertidal survey at low tide identifying sea star species, number of individuals, size and disease progression/stage. This will contribute to the presence/absence of the disease and help understand the disease by knowing spread and possible triggers.

Intertidal Assessment: Assessing the intertidal is a key to understanding the dynamics of any intertidal or beach area. Using transects your students will help classify our beach and monitor taxa presence and biological community composition. This data will be used as a monitoring project to assess biological diversity and resiliency.

Beach Seine Fish Populations: Students will be assisting in fish population assessments by using our beach seine (a large net safe for capturing fish). Students will be learning about abundance, diversity and safe handling practice. 

Program Fees

$100/hour (per group of up to 30 students)

*If fees become a barrier please let us know

Please note, all three programs require a low tide. Programs are 1-2 hours in length and data will be used in active monitoring projects. Data will also be available to teachers to incorporate into other lessons or as a post-visit package.