K-7 School Groups

Educational Programs For K-12 School Groups

Educate by the seashore, play with the touch tanks, peer into the aquariums, and have lots of fun on a field trip at the Deep Bay Marine Field Station. Our outstanding hands ‐on lab programs incorporate a series of engaging and age appropriate activities that aim to inspire curiosity and increase understanding of our oceans. Classes are taught in the facility’s classroom by passionate science educators and volunteers. Many programs are available year‐round but some outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions and tides. Programs are designed to meet the new BC curriculum learning outcomes and can be customized to meet the goals and interests of each group.

Program Fees

Day Programs
$100/hour (per group of up to 30 students)

*If fees become a barrier please let us know.

Larger Groups

Wanting to share a bus with another class? No problem!
Unfortunately due to limited space we can only have one class participating in an activity at a time. During this time, a second class is welcome to explore our wetlands trail with their teacher. We can provide clipboards, pencils and a Nature Scavenger Hunt to use during this time. When time is up, we switch classes. Please keep in mind when planning that both classes need to participate in the same program to reduce set up and clean up time in between.


Monday – Friday  10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

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Program Guide

Reading this guide is your first step to booking a field trip with us! It has all of the information you need to be sure you have a fantastic visit to Deep Bay Marine Field Station.

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