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CREATE 2021 Keynote

CREATE Keynote speaker Dr. P. Wells

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Please join us on April 12, 2021 @ 1:00pm for CREATE's Opening Ceremony, Welcome, and Keynote address. 

Knowledge Mobilization: A Personal History 

Archaeologist and editor, Patty Wells brings a personal perspective to a discussion of knowledge mobilization in her academia and public life. She will present a brief journey through the forces in academia that influenced how she learned to communicate and listen in order to better understand how peoples lived in the past. It is her hope that this historical perspective will show students in the early years of their academic careers that the knowledge they communicate will have been shaped by traditions that both limit and expand understanding. 

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CREATE is very excited to host Dr. Patricia Wells as its Keynote Speaker 

Patricia (Patty) Wells is the managing editor of the multi-disciplinary journal Arctic out of the Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary, and holds a PhD in archaeology from Memorial University. Her research is directed toward understanding the social and technical practices of the first Arctic Peoples who inhabited the island of Newfoundland (ca. 2800–1000 years ago). She studies animal bone, antler, and ivory remains from settlements to discover how the Groswater and Dorset chose to organize themselves around harvesting animals for food and for designing, using, and refashioning tools made from their hard parts. Patty balances her research on the west coast of Newfoundland with the demands of publishing a quarterly journal.

P. Wells in the field with her dog
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P. Wells in the field