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British Columbia Regional Innovation Chair Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development

Dr. Patrick Brouder

Dr. Patrick Brouder 

British Columbia Regional Innovation Chair - Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development

Patrick’s research in BC focuses on three interrelated areas of innovation in tourism across the province - Indigenous tourism (as a form of endogenous economic development), creative tourism (especially in ‘creative outposts’), and tourism evolution (long-term economic changes).

Research Activities

Tourism for Community Economic Development and Rural Sustainability (CEDARS)

British Columbia is a national leader of tourism innovation having 53 out of 205 of Destination Canada’s ‘Canadian Signature Experiences’, the vast majority of which are rural BC innovations. This presents a unique opportunity for linking tourism and rural sustainability. Tourism for Community Economic Development and Rural Sustainability (CEDARS) is a long-term research program which engages with a broad group of tourism stakeholders from across rural British Columbia to co-create sustainable tourism development. This program supports policy-making for a diverse BC rural tourism ecosystem which ultimately enables resilient rural communities.

The program has three central objectives:

1. assist regional partners in developing tourism for sustainable rural development;

2. engage in capacity building with the future leaders of BC tourism, and;

3. create a long-term alliance of BC rural tourism researchers for the benefit of BC communities.

This program examines a broad selection of cases from across rural British Columbia to gain a deeper understanding of how these communities have capitalized on the attractiveness of place to establish a more resilient local economy. In collaboration with a network of research colleagues across the province research will be developed with local community partners and students to co-create a state of the art knowledge environment for tourism and sustainable rural development in BC and to mobilize that knowledge across the BCRIC’s provincial, national and global networks.

About Patrick

Academic Background

Patrick Brouder completed his PhD at Mid-Sweden University (2013) having previously earned a Master’s degree at Umeå University in northern Sweden (2009). His Swedish research explored tourism evolution in and around the Arctic Circle. Patrick moved to Canada in 2014 and completed a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship at Brock University (2015-2017) where he examined community economic development and tourism in rural Niagara. He joined VIU in 2018 as the BCRIC in Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development.

Academic Affiliations

  • School of Tourism & Hospitality, University of Johannesburg, South Africa - Research Associate
  • Arctic Research Centre (ARCUM), Umeå University, Sweden - External Network Member
  • International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN) - Steering Committee Member
  • Canadian Association of Geographers’ Economic Geography Group (CAG-EGG) - Chair

 Key Publications

Brouder, P., Anton Clavé, S., Gill, A., & Ioannides, D. (Eds) (2017). Tourism Destination Evolution. Routledge: UK.

Carson, D.A., Brouder, P., & de la Barre, S. (2017). Communities and New Development Paths in the Sparsely Populated North. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 12(2-3), i-xi.

Brouder, P. (2017). Evolutionary Economic Geography: Reflections from a Sustainable Tourism Perspective. Tourism Geographies, 19(3), 438-447.

Contact Information

Dr. Patrick Brouder

Building 250 Room 320A

Phone: 250-753-3245 Local 2772


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